Watchlogic Aims

  • The fair review of new (current) watches and older models too. Hands-on if possible. Extra nuggets of information are mined for.
  • Ratings? Occasionally, as some measure of overall assessment is needed. This will range from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent).
  • Periodic comment on luxury items. This is relevant as for many watch collectors there is some cross-over.
  • Any pertinent news and, say, updates on earlier articles, are noted separately.
  • All the above will mainly comprise of items that interest The Writer, as there is, frankly, little merit in reviewing things that have no great personal appeal as the outcome could inevitably be somewhat negative. Praise will be given where appropriate, but also constructive and gentle criticism too. After all, behind every design there is a soul who is proud of their work!

Watchlogic Style

  • Succinct where possible, but sometimes The Writer likes to show a journey too. It is rare that a watch is purchased just on impulse, but more usually, as a result of some mental convoluted twisting and turning involving enthusiasm and doubt! 
  • Comprehensible, light-hearted, and sometimes tongue-in-cheek. Some site reviews indulge in hyperbole, arcane language, and absurd descriptive adjectives – all of which are abhorrent to The Writer and are to be avoided at all costs! Such traits are not required to impart intelligent comment. 
  • Bias – yes sometimes! Watches are works of art in miniature, and as such their attributes – both visually and mechanically, will in part influence any reporting. Reviews of any real use have to comprise of, and highlight, both factual and subjective elements. A reader will then accept or not. All that said, The Writer is quite capable of appreciating aspects of a watch whilst not necessarily wishing to own it!  

 The Writer

Karl Dennis (The Writer) comes from an old London family. His great-grandfather, Walter Dennis had his own engineering firm as well as being an Alderman in the City of London. But for poor health, he would have been the next Lord Mayor. The Writer has a beautifully engraved silver cigar case presented to Walter in 1913 by the Lord Mayor (Sir Thomas Vansittart Bowater BT) upon his enforced retirement.

A nice useful gift which can accommodate Robusto size smokes.

Captain Hubert Dennis, Walter’s son, fought with heroism in the Great War and was wounded having been “gassed”. He received the Military Cross, the Belgium Croix de Guerre, and was Mentioned in Dispatches for well-documented actions. The Writer has much memorabilia from Hubert and this includes the “Dispatch” award from Field Marshal Douglas Haig and signed by Churchill.

Hubert never spoke of the Great War but he was proud of his involvement.

Like his father, Hubert worked in the City and was also involved in civic life – such as being a member of various Livery Companies. As such he met Churchill occasionally and much admired him. The Writer has a unique, and believed unpublished photograph of Churchill at a mid-fifties Mansion House event. Hubert was sitting opposite him and asked an official photographer to take an informal snap which he later acquired.  On another occasion, at The Guildhall, The Writer’s Aunt Audrey got Viscount Montgomery of Alamein to sign her menu – much to Hubert’s horror! Forwardness clearly runs in the family.

Hubert’s encounter with Winston at the Mansion House soiree.

After the Great War Hubert set up his own engineering company, H W Dennis & Co Ltd. The factory was in Nottingham and a sales office in London at St Martins Lane off Cannon Street . They specialised in valves and pressure gauges for the oil industry, and during WW2 manufacturing was turned over to military work. After the War, the business expanded and was very successful, particularly in the Middle East, South America and the Caribbean. In 1962 the firm merged with another large engineering firm Smith Bros, to become Smith Dennis Ltd. The Writer likes the design of the gauges and would love to design a watch in homage to his Grandfather! Hubert retired at 80!

A page from the H W Dennis & Co sales brochure of around the mid-fifties.

Turning to The Writer, he was packed off to a boarding school In Surrey at a young age. Having survived this he then spent his early working life in the Royal Navy and then at a ship-brokers in the City. After these he embarked on a long career in financial services, where he still works – albeit part-time now. Writing investment reviews and analysis has been a major aspect of his work.

On HMS Antelope off Belize in June 1981. If only salvage could have been claimed on the £30 million of cannabis captured!

The Writer loves classic cars. Marques including Rover, Jensen and Bristol were owned for many years, with much renovation work being undertaken personally.  An interest in baroque music, art, antiques, cigars, quality shoes and other sartorial items also prevails. Tradition, understatement, politeness, and general decency are all important to him.

The once-owned Bristol 411 IV outside a B&B. Yes, it is a posh one!

The accumulation and appreciation of watches has and remains a serious interest. The weird and gimmicky are not particularly favoured, so the collection is a little conservative, but widely spread and contains some nice specimens from the usual haute horlogerie maisons.  Of particular interest are complicated watches – including a penchant for chronographs. Chronometer quality is of additional interest. The Writer is no snob though, and has a fair number of modest pieces that he is quite happy with! 

No major claims are made for literary genius or even supreme horological knowledge – there are others out there who are undoubtedly better! However, as a keen receptor of numerous watch mediums, and along with some modest writing skill, it is hoped that something of passing interest will result. Also, hopefully literary activity will help maintain and nourish the grey cells!

The Tedious Aspects

  • Watchlogic is currently operated on a non-commercial basis. It is therefore self-funded and may be viewed as a “labour of love”!
  • If any article includes some element of “gratis” benefit to The Writer, it will be noted. 
  • To my knowledge, no third party personal information is or will be stored on this website.
  • No guarantees or warranties – expressed or implied, are given. All views are personal.
  • Any factual inaccuracies are purely unintentional. If brought to The Writer’s attention rectification will duly occur.
  • Any images that are not my own I shall credit the source, if known. Again, I will amend if made aware of. 
  • The Writer – wearing IWC Pilot – chronograph reference IW371704